Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When does the Road Close and reopen?

The road closes at 7pm and will reopen at 9pm


  1. Will I be able to leave one of the side road that access onto Highgate Hill or Moor Hill?

No, Once the road is closed it will remain closed till 9pm unless its am emergency vehicle need access to a side road or Highgate Hill or Moor Hill.


  1. Where can I buy tickets from?

The Green shop on the Colonnade, Peter Buswells the Estate Agents and also online at and search for Hawkhurst Bonfire and Fireworks Display. Tickets are also available on the gate.


  1. How much do the tickets cost?

Adults £4 and Children £2 in advance.

Tickets are for Adults on the gate are £5 and Children £3. Children’s tickets are under 15. Children under 5 GO FREE.


  1. What time does the torch lit procession start?

As soon as the road is closed and the bonfire fire societies have formed up on the road. We aim to start the procession by 7.15pm


  1. What time will the fireworks be?

They will be sometime between 8.30 and 9pm


  1. Can I come onto The Moor to be near the Beacon when its lit and Bonfire Societies?

No Sorry you can’t, this area is strictly off limits to anyone part from the Bonfire Societies.


  1. Will there be loud bangs?

Yes, Fireworks may start going off from late afternoon as soon as it get dark so around 4.30. You may want to bring ear defenders or ear plugs for children or people sensitive to loud noises.


  1. Will the event go ahead even if it rains?

Yes. We are British if we stopped every time it rained we would never leave the house. If we have very high winds or lighting then they would be cancelled.


  1. Do I need to wear wellington boots?

Yes or foot wear you don’t mind getting muddy or wet as the fields may will be wet and muddy where the fireworks can be watched from. Also make sure you wear warm clothes as it may well be a cold November evening.


  1. What time do the gates open to the playing field?

Gates open from 6pm


12. Will I be able to use the playing field during the day on Saturday?

Yes and No. It can be used but bare in mind we will be setting the field up for the evenings event. The field will be closed to the public from 4pm

  1. Is it ok to pick up the torches and bring our own fireworks or sparklers?

Please do not pick up the torches are you may well injure yourself and others. Also do not bring fireworks or sparklers as you may hurt yourself, others and also the playing field is used by football teams and it’s hard to find the sparklers when they have been dropped.


  1. where is the lost child point and first aid?

If we have any lost children they will be taken to the sports pavilion. This is where the first aid point is as well. First aiders will also be walking with the procession.


  1. Will there be food and fun fair rides on the Playing field.

Yes, we will have a Hog Roast, Hot Dog, Burgers, Bar, Tea and Coffee. There will also be children’s fun fair rides as well.


Please have a wonderful time and stay safe. If you have any more question then please contact us via the Contact page