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Hawkhurst Gang at Northiam Bonfire 2016

Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society at Northiam 2016On Saturday 8th October 7 members of Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire society took part in the Torch lit procession, bonfire and Firework Celebration at Northiam Bonfire Society. A great evening was had by all and it was great that the length had been made shorter from the previous year.

We met up at the bonfire field where refreshment were able to be bough then at around 7.50pm we formed up to start the procession down into the village where members of the public were lining the street to watch the bonfire societies go by. 15 Bonfire societies and drumming groups joined the torch lit procession. It was great to see so many members of the public turn out for this event. hawkhurst_gang_bonfire_society_at_northiam_bonfire_8th_october_2016-6

As we entered the bonfire field Northiam’s Drummers lined the entrance to the field and it was great to walk between them and hearing there drumming. As we got further into the field more drumming groups were lining the route.

It difficult for us to make the press as we have such a small group that attend other bonfire societies events and also being from Kent we only get coverage when its are event. Rye and Battle Observer were there and they have a great selection of images from the event. Click here to see photos from Rye and Battle Observer.

The celebrations around the bonfire were very loud but great fun and everyone was came away safe which is the main thing. Bonfire fire was huge and got very hot very quickly which was good as there was a north easterly wind that night which some very light shower but that did dampen the mood and atmosphere. hawkhurst_gang_bonfire_society_at_northiam_bonfire_8th_october_2016-5


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